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What is the difference between the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance and other medical professional liability insurance programs?

It’s simple; the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance serves only obstetricians and gynecologists and is governed by practicing Ob-Gyns who know the unique issues your specialty faces. Our Advisory Board and Claims and Underwriting Committees are made up of practicing Ob-Gyns throughout the U.S. Our primary focus is to provide state-of-the-art risk resources and educational programs to help reduce the possibility of medical-legal problems for Ob-Gyns.

ProAssurance companies underwrite and insure our members. ProAssurance also is committed to seeing you are treated fairly, a value we all share. The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance and ProAssurance have worked together to craft your policy, the patient safety program, and the Underwriting, Risk Resource, and Claims teams who will be with you every step of the way.

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What is the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance Purchasing Group?

The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance is a risk purchasing group (RPG) that serves the special patient safety issues and professional liability insurance needs of obstetricians and gynecologists. Risk purchasing groups allow those with common risks to negotiate for their own coverage—essentially as a unique risk pool. The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance promotes innovative loss control programs to increase patient safety. These programs result in fewer claims and, ultimately, fairer premiums.

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What benefits will I receive for being a member of the risk purchasing group?

You benefit from a medical professional liability insurance experience that is unique in its depth of understanding and consideration of the challenges you, your specialty, and your patients face. By participating in this program, you gain access to state-of-the-art resources and programs tailored to reduce risk for Ob-Gyns. As a member of the Alliance, you are a stakeholder in a program that draws heavily from the expertise of Ob-Gyns who have your best interests at heart.

You receive an up-front 25% premium credit for agreeing to participate in certain risk reduction and educational activities while you are insured with the program. Additionally, if the program develops satisfactory loss ratios and you remain an Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance insured, you will receive profit-sharing premium credit.

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What activities do I need to complete to qualify for a 25% premium credit at my policy renewal?

A detailed outline of Risk Resource Activities and Benefits is available on the “Practice Improvement” page of You also can request a copy of our Risk Resource Activities and Benefits Brochure and Checklist by emailing or calling 844.223.9648 (toll free).

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Is the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance program financially strong?

The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance program’s insurance coverage is underwritten by ProAssurance companies; as such, your policy is backed by that noted financial strength. ProAssurance Group is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best. ProAssurance also has been awarded inclusion in the Ward’s 50® top insurance companies every year since 2007 (out of nearly 3,000 insurance companies examined)—the only principally professional liability insurer to be so lauded. Importantly, this award is based on objective measures of management excellence through conservative accounting measures. For specific financial information on any ProAssurance insurance company, please visit

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What more can you tell me about risk purchasing groups?

Risk purchasing groups (RPGs) have functioned for decades in the U.S. The structure was created by federal law to enable those with common interests to benefit from insurance that serves only their needs. This creates a unique pool for underwriting risk where like exposures to loss can focus on a common goal and achieve economies of scale.

A risk purchasing group is an independent program underwritten by an insurance company. This allows the RPG to establish its own identity (including its governing body), while working with an already established insurance company to carry the risk. This best-of-both-worlds scenario allows the RPG to immediately pursue the fulfillment of its mission with a financially strong underwriting platform.

The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance is an RPG underwritten by ProAssurance. ProAssurance is fully licensed by each state of operation, and the insureds are protected by existing
guaranty funds.

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Why is ProAssurance underwriting this RPG?

ProAssurance believes in the value this program can provide to Ob-Gyns—and provides the necessary investment to make it happen. The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance and ProAssurance are committed to developing and providing loss prevention programs to help improve patient care and reduce the likelihood of claims.

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Is the sole purpose of the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance simply to provide lower medical professional liability rates?

No. We are first and foremost a patient safety and Ob-Gyn loss-prevention program. The reduction of losses and subsequent lowered premiums are a byproduct of those efforts.

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Will I incur additional expenses in order to participate in the loss control program?

No. You will not incur additional expenses outside of your annual premium for participating in this loss control program. The cost of developing this program with the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance and implementing it is an investment by ProAssurance in your specialty.

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Am I eligible if I am part of a multi-specialty group?

Yes. Preferably, the rest of your group would be insured by ProAssurance, but if that is not the case, ProAssurance will still review your application for coverage.

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Can I apply even if I am already a ProAssurance policyholder?

Yes. ProAssurance policyholders are welcome to apply, which includes completion of a supplemental application. Applicants must meet the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance’s higher underwriting criteria and also commit to loss control program participation.

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How long does it take to find out if I qualify for this program?

Assuming all information is available and current, ProAssurance Underwriting typically processes your application within 10 business days.

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Are there payment plans available?

Yes. To give you more options, we offer annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and nine-pay payment plans; the nine-pay option requires you to participate in ProAssurance’s Electronic Payment Plan.

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How can I learn more?

Your local ProAssurance agent will be pleased to provide you with any additional information. You can locate an agent near you by visiting and clicking “Find an Agent” in the upper right corner of the homepage.

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