Enhanced Education

About the GNOSIS™ Platform

GNOSIS Platform Gives You More Options

Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance members benefit from Relias' online continuing education platform—GNOSIS. This platform replaces CourseServer.com; however, any coursework previously completed on Courseserver.com has been transferred to GNOSIS.

You now have two options to complete courses with GNOSIS. After signing in, you can either:

  1. Complete each full-length course individually (to begin, click the “Catalog” button on the top navigation bar in your account); or
  2. Customize your education through the new Personal Proficiency Modules, now available for most courses (to access, click on the “brain” icon on the left side of your dashboard).

The Personal Proficiency Modules (PPMs) can help you save time. PPMs measure your current level of knowledge and provide you with a personalized Learning Path. This approach ensures you focus on information most useful to you, rather than in areas where you are already proficient. The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance is pleased to provide you with this new learning option.

With GNOSIS, physician group leaders gain unprecedented clinical proficiency data in order to reduce risk—while clinicians master learning in critical risk areas to achieve their highest potential.

If you have questions about registration or course access, please contact Tammy Sternberg at 800.282.6242, extension 4745.

To view a tutorial of the GNOSIS platform's enhanced features, visit http://public.mygnosis.com/Tutorials/GNOSIS.

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