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Secure Services Portal

Accessing Your Courses

You no longer will need separate accounts and passwords for MyGnosis.com and ProAssurance.com.

Effective April 14, 2015, you have direct access via the ProAssurance Secure Services Portal.

Sign in to the ProAssurance Secure Services Portal (SSP) and select "Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance Courses" located within the "Seminars" menu item. If you do not yet have an account for ProAssurance's SSP, select "Create an Account" from the sign in page.

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First Time Participants

Several courses are available in Personal Proficiency Module (PPM) format, which can help you save time. PPMs measure your level of knowledge on a given topic and provide you with a personalized Learning Path. This approach ensures you focus on information most useful to you rather than areas where you are already proficient.  

If you are a first time participant in the APS GNOSIS coursework, please review this short (3min:24sec) GNOSIS tutorial video.


More Risk Management Resources

In addition to direct access to your coursework, your ProAssurance Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance Secure Services Portal provides:

Select the "Managing Risk" menu item to see your full slate of Risk Resource offerings.