Access Courses

Relias* Platform Gives You More Options

Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance members benefit from Relias' online continuing education platform.

Courses are provided via the Relias website, accessed through the secure services portal (SSP). You do not need to maintain a separate account and password at Relias, but you will be asked to confirm some basic license information for your continuing medical education (CME) certificates. To claim CME, please enter your license information by clicking ‚ÄúLicenses & Certifications‚ÄĚ within your Relias account.

Note: Participants can save their progress at any point while taking a course and complete it at a later date.

Several courses are available in PLM format, which can help you save time. PLMs measure your level of knowledge on a given topic and provide you with a personalized learning path. This approach ensures your time is focused on information most useful to you rather than on areas of proficiency.

Accessing Your Courses

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Sign in to the ProAssurance secure services portal and select "Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance Courses" located within the "Seminars" menu item. If you do not yet have an account for ProAssurance's SSP, select "Create an Account" from the sign in page.

If you have questions about registration or course access, please contact Lauren Jones at 205-776-3023.

To learn more about Relias for Obstetrics and ways to improve clinical outcomes, download the Relias OB flyer. For more information on Relias Learning, visit the Relias Connect website.

*Please note: GNOSIS changed to Relias July 2.