What Applies to You

Risk Management Requirements

2022-2023 Obstetrician Course Requirements

  • Relias Course: Maternal Sepsis (PLM)
  • Implicit Bias and Maternal Fetal Outcomes

2023-2024 Obstetrician Course Requirements

  • Relias Course: FHM (PLM)
  • Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnant Women

2022-2023 Gynecology Course Requirements

  • Relias Course: Implicit Bias and Maternal Fetal Outcomes

2023-2024 Gynecology Course Requirements

  • Relias Course: Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnant Women
  • Prescribing Practices for Controlled Substance

All first year participants are required to complete a baseline self-assessment in addition to the course requirements listed above. The assessment must be completed within the first policy year to qualify for renewal consideration with a 25% premium credit. A ProAssurance Risk Management Consultant will schedule the baseline self-assessment at a mutually convenient time. A virtual consultation will also be scheduled to discuss your practice’s results.

The baseline self-assessment can be completed by you and your team-including physicians- in a few short minutes. The questions focus on office processes, such as diagnostic test tracking, management of phone calls, informed consent, emergency preparedness and documentation. The assessment is anonymous and identified only by the role the person plays in the practice.

A report is provided that visually shows your practice’s responses and compares them to other practices. This report includes associated risk reduction strategies, in some instances, links to OBRA/ProAssurance resources such as short videos, seminars, and other sample tools.

A virtual consultation with a ProAssurance Risk Management Consultant discussing your results will be provided.

Fertility and Gynecology-only Physicians

Physicians specializing in fertility or gyn-only (no obstetrics), may complete the requirements above, or choose to complete two of the courses listed below in lieu of the course requirements. The survey for first year participants is still required.

If the physician has completed all of the following online courses, they can provide certificates of completion totaling six CME hours of coursework in their specialty (completed within the previous 24 months and not used for Board maintenance requirements).

Traditional Online Courses Available to ALL Participants:*

  • Effective Communication in Healthcare
  • Hypertension in Pregnancy
  • Protecting Mother and Babies: COVID-19 and the Obstetric Patient
  • Informed Consent
  • Response to Adverse Events and Errors
  • Risk Management Basics
  • The Disclosure of Unanticipated Outcomes
  • SBAR+R: Structuring Communication

Relias also offers “clinical pearls,” short, 30 minute case-based modules. Four completed “clinical pearls” are considered the equivalent of one full Relias course.

*Successful course completion includes: passing the post-test with a grade of at least 70%, AND completing a course evaluation.