Professional Liability Coverage

The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance (OBRA)

OBRA is the first medical professional liability insurance program established exclusively for obstetrician-gynecologists. The program is overseen and guided by a team of ob-gyns to ensure the best interests of all members are addressed. You receive specialty-specific coverage, underwriting, pricing, claims handling, and risk resource services.

OBRA Coverage Map

Program Advantages

  • Participants receive a 25% up-front risk management premium credit—based on the agreement to participate in educational programs administered or approved by ProAssurance, including specified Relias online learning courses. OBRA members who document completion of the required risk management activities continue to qualify for the 25% premium credit during renewal consideration.
  • Applications are reviewed by underwriters who specialize in ob-gyn practices. Those who join the program receive enhanced policy terms such as separate primary limits for mother and child* and an extended 60-day reporting period for claims without an assertion of liability.
  • OBRA members have access to extensive risk management tools and support in addition to the annual programs selected for the 25% premium credit. They can discuss specific risk management concerns with risk consultants—and receive an ob-gyn tool kit with resources tailored to their specialty.
  • All claims are managed with a panel of attorneys who specialize in ob-gyn defense. Should a member experience a claim, they will receive a personalized, differentiated defense.
  • Members benefit from profit-sharing premium and renewal credit if the OBRA program experiences favorable loss ratios.
  • Your policy includes a Consent to Settle provision (where legally permitted); if you want to defend, we will not settle. Helping to protect your identity as a physician is as important as minimizing your risk. We get it and pledge to consult you at every important step.

 *If the child or children allege injuries separately and independently from the mother, we will deem the continuing course of treatment to the child or children as a separate professional incident for the purpose of determining the applicable primary coverage shown on the Coverage Summary as “Primary Limits of Liability.”